TikTok Decluttering Tools : Clear Mode

TikTok has announced that it is currently testing ‘Clear Mode,’ an all-new tool designed to enable users to enjoy “distraction-free” viewing on the app. What this means is that the feature can be used to declutter a user’s screen, removing elements such as buttons, usernames, captions, and comments. As a result, users are given the option to enjoy a clean and simple scrolling interface.

The new tool is being beta tested and was first spotted by Twitter user Matt Navarra. Following Navarra’s Tweet, the new feature began to gain public attention, which triggered a response from the company. TikTok delivered a statement confirming that ‘Clear Mode’ is currently under development and only accessible to a select group of users. For those with access, a ‘Clear Mode’ button is now being offered to the ‘Add Favorites’ section of the app.

Image Credit: TikTok