Minnesota Timberwolves actively shopping former LA Lakers star

Minnesota Timberwolves star D’Angelo Russell is reportedly on the trade block this summer. The team is eager to shop around the league and see what they can get in return.

According to Kevin O’Connor of “The Ringer,” the Timberwolves are looking at possibly trading Russell with the upcoming draft being kept in mind. The franchise is looking to build around Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns and is looking to bolster the roster by trading D’Angelo Russell. O’Connor wrote:

“D’Angelo Russell is being shopped around, so it makes sense for the Timberwolves to target a shot-creator with this selection.

“TyTy Washington Jr. and Karl-Anthony Towns could make for a lethal pick-and-roll pairing, and with Anthony Edwards resembling a superstar in the playoffs, Minnesota would be equipped with a dynamic offense.

“Whatever Russell would return in a trade could only bolster their roster even more.”

Russell did not have much success on pull up 3-pointers in the postseason this year. This is one of the reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves failed to beat the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round.

Where could the Minnesota Timberwolves star go?

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves star D’Angelo Russell had a much better second season with the franchise than his first season. He averaged 18.1 points and 7.1 assists while shooting 41.1% from the field.

However, Russell has been criticized for being complacent this year, as his lack of assertiveness has cost the team. He would often have a brilliant start to games, especially in the first quarter, but fail to put up similar performances in the second half.

D’Angelo Russell averaged 12 PPG on 33% shooting this series. https://t.co/NMAYiWoETz

The Timberwolves star has one year left on his contract worth over $31 million. The franchise knows that they have to trade him now or risk losing him for free in the summer of 2023. Since he is only 26, there will be no shortage of suitors for the guard.

The New York Knicks could be a location for Russell. The Knicks have plenty of assets and are in desperate need of a point guard. The LA Clippers could also potentially be a destination for the Timberwolves star.

Another team to watch out for is the Dallas Mavericks if Jalen Brunson signs elsewhere.

D’Angelo Russell remains very effective in pick-and-rolls given his shooting abilities. The former LA Lakers guard is also a very good passer and can see things develop before the opposition.

However, he does have his shortcomings defensively. But once he gets going offensively, the passing lanes open up, and the Timberwolves star becomes even more potent.