Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University

TikTok has announced the launch of ‘Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University,’ an all-new education program built to help creative agencies maximize their use of the platform to engage consumers. The “university” program involves a five-week schedule that will focus on teaching students how to use TikTok to improve their marketing strategies.

According to the company, by the end of the program, participants will have become ‘TikTok experts’ capable of utilizing the platform to take their creative content to the next level. All of the courses included in the program will be available through online webinars.

“After completing the program, enrollees will be able to lead conversations with their clients, concept and create for the platform, and continue driving their clients’ business forward. Most importantly, enrollees will have a newfound understanding of the creative possibilities on and off the platform,” explained the company in a recent blog post.

Image Credit: TikTok