Episode 10 – Love After World Domination

It seems like all I do each week is talk about how great Love After World Domination is without any caveats or asterisks attached. But dear reader, you have to understand that it only seems that way because it is, in fact, the best thing I’m watching this season and I love it unconditionally.

I’m very objective and free of bias, why do you ask?

This week’s episode has a great sense of tension around a very simple premise. Desumi and Fudo are convinced that they have to take a picture together sitting on the Kokutei Moon because it is considered good luck. It’s one of those concerns that young couples have, and it’s particularly adorable given that it is the first serious relationship for both of them. As Fudo says, it couldn’t hurt to have a little supernatural help, could it?

But it also reveals their very relatable, youthful understanding of love, which is quite charming. To them, everything they experience together is peaks and valleys, incredible highs and deep lows – they are scrambling to get even an ounce of supernatural support/good fortune to keep their relationship going, while at the same time feeling like this one act will ensure they will be together forever. When you are young and in love it can at times feel like everything is both immediate and immortal, ethereal and eternal. It’s hard to simply be in the moment at times because you seem to live and die in each moment.

There are lots of great gags here as well. The cosplay sections with the “fake” Bear-sama and Beast Princess chastising everyone for instances of PDA made me laugh the hardest. I also really loved the little Dragon Quest shoutout with the cosplayers dressed as the Hero and Priestess from Dragon Quest III. The absurd battle between Hojo and the nurse had some fun animation too.

What a delight this show is to watch every week.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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