Conservative Catholic Group Launches “Hide the Pride” Program

An anti-LGBTQ group with sufficient awareness of public relations has come up with a plan that obviates the need for an old-fashioned book burning and all the baggage that comes with it; The video on the 6:00 news just isn’t a good look nowadays. And, besides, why burn a book if one can make it disappear, at least at the local public library?

Yes, during Pride Month, a very conservative Catholic organization wants to utilize a well-practiced Catholic specialty, hiding information about sex. (As a Catholic, I can say that neither the tradition nor the anti-LGBTQ beliefs are an essential part of our genome).

The diabolical and sure-to-succeed plan is laid out in Catholic Vote.Org:

A growing number of American moms and dads have sent a powerful message in recent polls: they do not want their children exposed to sexual and “trans” content as part of their education. 

CatholicVote’s Hide the Pride parental resource page includes step-by-step instructions and tips for parents who want to send that message to their local library board.

After collecting signatures on a letter to the library board (find the letter template at the bottom of this article or download the template here), members of the public will go to the library, find the “Pride Month” display full of LGBTQ books targeted at kids, and simply check out all those books at the front desk.

CatholicVote recommends participants take a friend or two along so multiple library cards can be used.

When has conspiring to withhold the truth ever not served church members well? Thankfully, this plan will fail far more spectacularly than others. And though, yes, it is very hurtful for a small group to take it upon themselves to determine what you and your family may access, this conspiracy is near harmless compared to others. Indeed, it is laughable, especially to liberal Catholics, who do exist.