Sustainable Algae-Based Cement : Algae-based cement

Prometheus Materials is contributing to the world of sustainable architecture and manufacturing with its innovative algae-based cement. The Colorado-based company claims to “offer a sustainable, zero-carbon alternative to traditional portland cement-based concrete building materials.” In the quest for this mission, Prometheus Materials has engineered masonry blocks from a low-carbon material grown from micro-algae. More specifically, “the bio-cement was made from biomineralizing cyanobacteria that are grown using sunlight, seawater, and CO2,” as Dezeen states. This ground-breaking innovation meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Prometheus Materials’ unique algae-based cement is yet another example of how innovators are relying on natural ingredients, materials, and phenomena to inform better, more sustainable production processes.

Image Credit: Dezeen