The Vampire Dies in No Time Anime Inspires Celery Fragrance – Interest

Handa’s celery devotion is finally acknowledged

The Vampire Dies in No Time‘s Handa is big on celery. And that’s why he’s getting his own “leaf green” fragrance product that smells like celery. It’s part of primaniacs’ tie-in fragrance line with the anime, featuring scents associated with the characters’ personalities and aesthetics.

The line first launched in 2019, featuring Dralc and Ronaldo. The second installment was announced on Monday with Hinaichi and Handa, and will launch on September 1. Hinaichi’s key words are “Orange, Lemon, Apple, Rose, Lily, Ozone Note, Musk, Amber, and Patchouly,” while Handa’s are “Bergamot, Lemon, Celery, Leaf Green, Verbena, Rose, Muguet, Moss, Amber, and Musk.”

Each fragrance bottle costs 6,600 yen (approximately US$49). In Japan, it will go on advance sale at the primaniacs store in Ginza, Tokyo. It is also available for preorder through the online store.

Sources: Comic Natalie, primaniacs