Tom Brady Nearly Joining The Dolphins Should Be A Bigger Story

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


Bombshell news reports are coming out from Tampa Bay that have Tom Brady back in the headlines.

Earlier this year, the seven-time Super Bowl quarterback was linked to a deal that would have sent him to the Miami Dolphins.

While that story has died down since the NFL Draft, it has now come back to life.

However, the story was only re-ignited when former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians made a shocking statement.

He put his retirement as a coach at the feet of his Super Bowl quarterback.

So now every rumor about Brady pushing Arians out is looking true.

However, it also gives weight to the rumors of him leaving for Miami.

That possibility should be the biggest story.


Brady Denies Forcing Arians Out, But Doesn’t Deny Plans To Move To Dolphins

When Brady took an interview, many questions about rumors that have surrounded him in 2022 came up.

Some were about the recent comments from Arians about Brady.

However, Brady would deny being a part of the reason Arians is no longer head coach in Tampa Bay.

One of the other questions was about him going to play for the Dolphins.

But the answers he gave when addressing the Dolphins rumors didn’t leave anyone with solid answers.

With him not confirming, or denying, the rumors, Brady leaves the door open for continued speculation.

So was Brady really going to Miami all along?


Flores Firing Could Be Biggest Reason For Brady Not Being In Miami Now

Brian Flores is the key to why Brady isn’t in Miami.

The former Dolphins head coach has a lawsuit against the NFL for racial discrimination.

However, what he alleges in his lawsuit put a spotlight on Brady.

Flores alleges the Super Bowl MVP quarterback and New Orleans Saints former coach Sean Payton were coming to Miami.

His story is that Miami wanted to replace him and their current quarterback with Payton and Brady.

However, with the alleged plans of the Dolphins out in the open, the veteran quarterback seems to want to stay in Tampa Bay.

It could be because he doesn’t want to be a part of the Miami story and what they did to Flores.

But it could be because he had no plans of leaving Tampa Bay.

Until he outright denies the rumors, they will continue.

It will also help Flores if Brady admits to the plot that has been laid out to everyone.


Is He Going To Be In Miami For 2023?

With him not flat out denying his talks with Miami, it leaves a door open for him to go there in 2023.

This is because his contract will expire after this season.

With him not denying the rumors, and no new contract with Tampa Bay, some hope for a one-year deal in Miami could happen.

However, his deal with Fox as a sportscaster could but a stop to that.

But his deal with Fox is only for when his career is over in the NFL.

That means there’s a slight chance he takes a one-year deal with Miami in 2023.