The White House was receiving updates that the Trump rally crowd was bracing for violence

The Trump White House knew his crowd at the rally was preparing for the 1/6 violence and they did nothing.


Cheney said: “As you will see in our hearings, the White House received specific reports in the days leading up to January 6, including during President Trump’s ellipse rally which indicated that elements in the crowd were preparing for the violence on the Capitol. “

Liz Cheney also said that Trump oversaw and coordinated a sophisticated plot to overturn the elections. Rep Cheney presented overwhelming evidence against Trump.

The White House was getting updates that Trump’s mob was turning violent, so what did Donald Trump do? He added fuel to the fire and invited the crowd to march towards the Capitol.

Trump didn’t just know about the plans for violence. He encouraged what they were planning. The crowd hasn’t lost control. They were led to violence by Donald Trump.