SARS has introduced a new service charter: this is what it expects from taxpayers

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) recently adopted a new service charter that clarifies its service commitment to taxpayers and merchants for taxes, customs and excise duties.

And with tax return season just around the corner, the charter also sets out the rights and obligations of taxpayers and merchants and has been in effect since April 1, 2022.

“The new Charter is consistent with the strategic intent to develop a tax system based on voluntary compliance, while supporting the organization’s” obsession with service “which is one of the elements of the SARS Leadership Model.

“It is the result of numerous engagements that include internal and external stakeholders, audit observations and systemic issues raised by the Office of the Tax Ombud,” SARS said.

What has changed?

SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter introduced the new organizational language, Vision 2024, and nine strategic objectives that SARS work should align with. Amendments to the service charter include:

  • The tax system value chain has included new metrics defined.
  • Including more digital features and virtual engagements via eBooking.
  • Service level commitments have taken the convenience of high volume and integrated some transactional jobs averaging around 20-30%.
  • SARS is committed to working to improve communication to update taxpayers on the status of their claims on eFiling and other means.
  • The rights and obligations of the taxpayer have been consolidated and worked out through the meaning on the website.
  • The Charter stresses that the primary resolution of service failures should be the point where engagement at the branch or center occurs before escalation to higher authorities.

Kieswetter said the revenue service was able to implement new features to improve the experience for taxpayers and operators.

“We are now able to automatically assess individual taxpayers (standard income earners) with relatively simple tax matters, reducing the need for them to visit SARS branches. Individual taxpayers can view and / or modify the assessments and submit their tax returns wherever they are, using efiling “.

“We are well aware that public and taxpayer / merchant trust in SARS is not yet where we want it to be to uphold the highest levels of voluntary compliance. We are working very hard and smart to ensure that trust and credibility are restored in the organization. “

He said there are many areas where SARS continues to fall short of improving the experience of taxpayers and traders “and we are committed to addressing systematic problems that adversely affect taxpayers and traders in all areas. SARS interactions. If you are an honest and law-abiding citizen, our actions and interactions should not unduly disturb you, “he said.

Your rights and duties

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