Colyton: puppy found in Esky while cleaning the board, freezing temperature

A 10-day-old puppy nearly froze to death in freezing temperatures overnight after being dumped in a council cleaning pile in western Sydney.

On Tuesday morning, a 10-day-old puppy was found nearly frozen to death inside a Styrofoam Esky in a West Sydney council cleaning pile.

The young dog was found by two passers-by who had looked through the pile of discarded goods on the lawn in front of an empty property on Carpenter St in Colyton, near Penrith.

On Tuesday night, temperatures dropped to a low of 8 ° C outside with a freezing 1 ° C wind.

The NSW RSPCA was notified around 8:30 am and the puppy was taken to their Yagoona center where he underwent emergency veterinary care.

Inside the Esky was also a Puma-branded red T-shirt, a child-sized green tank top with a pineapple print and a padded cushion believed to be part of a car seat.

“Neonatal puppies are unable to thermoregulate and exposure to these adverse weather conditions would have had a serious impact on the puppy’s well-being,” RSPCA NSW wrote in a Facebook statement.

Outraged audience members went to the comments section of the RSPCA post to express their anger and disgust at the owners who dumped the puppy.

“This poor baby I hope it will be all right, how could someone do this to an innocent animal,” commented a Facebook user.

“Some domestic humans are so cruel,” wrote another user.

RSPCA NSW hopes to make contact with the two people who left the cub at their Yagoona center.

They are described as a tall, stocky Caucasian male, approximately 70-80 years old, wearing a jacket and hat, and a tanned male of regular build, accompanied by a yellow Labrador with harness and coat.

NSW Police are helping with the RSCPA investigation.

Originally published as The ten-day-old puppy dumped in Esky nearly dies of freezing