The Supreme Court is still very dramatic about this leaker thing

Judging by CNN report This morning, the Supreme Court still seems very busy having performative conniptions and passing out on the couch over Judge Samuel Alito’s unprecedented (not unprecedented) leak. twisted fantasies of late night forced labor.

In related news, since we hear about it, it means the very serious and secret Supreme Court is still leaked!

Supreme Court officials are stepping up their search for the source of the leaked draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, taking steps to require legal clerks to provide phone records and sign affidavits, three sources familiar with the efforts told CNN.

Three sources! Three babbling sources with loose lips! Well I never! It’s almost as if this Supreme Court is just a bevy of partisan hacks and not the esteemed institution we read about in storybooks!

Apparently some employees are so alarmed by the moves, particularly the sudden requests for private cellular data, that they have begun to consider whether to hire an outside consultant. […]

Lawyers outside the court who have become aware of the new investigation into cell phone details warn of the potential intrusion of employees’ personal activities, regardless of any media disclosure, and say they may feel the need to obtain independent legal counsel.

“This is what individuals in a similar position would do in virtually any other government investigation,” said an appellate attorney with experience in the investigation and knowledge of the new demands on law enforcement officials. “It would be hypocritical for the Supreme Court to prevent its employees from taking advantage of that fundamental legal protection”.

It all seems too much to avoid asking Ginni Thomas to turn the bag over and shake it as she leaves the next time she brings Clarence lunch. you know presumably.

CNN notes that if we are talking about this then that would suggest Chief Justice John Roberts and the investigation he ordered does not yet know who did the leak, and even here during such an intense period. In addition to what we imagine there is the painstaking work of deleting the quotations from Alito To the witch hunters advocating 17th-century marital rape, the judges and their employees are likely stressed over all the other cases they are using to destroy America and turn it into a cowardly whorey white fascist hell:

The judges are also settling a dispute in New York that could, based on their remarks during the November oral arguments, expand Second Amendment protection for gun owners. In addition, the court could further lower the separation wall between church and state by allowing certain prayers in public schools and requiring public vouchers for religious institutions.

As we said.

But yeah, sure, tell us a little more about the serious leak investigation. Before that, the Supreme Court bought and paid for by Donald Trump had so much credibility! And now look at the place, frowning emoji.

As many have noted in the past month, the the first leak appears here having been to Wall Street newspaper at least a week before Alito’s dirty talk showed up at Politico. That, or the magazine he was just a very good guess when started writing all kinds of editorial nonsense about how it was their “guess” that Alito would write the opinion, and the court was probably going to overturn roe deerexcept for the way Roberts was trying to force judges to ban more moderate abortion with him, which the magazine he was just implying it would be VERY BAD just like it was when he changed his mind and voted in favor of Obamacare in 2012.

And then the leak went on and on! And now we have news of leaks about the leak investigation.

Such serious people up there in those vaunted halls, they should definitely be able to tell people with uterus that they have to get pregnant forever.


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