Parkland’s father and school safety activist Ryan Petty denounces the “absolute revisionist story” of “quack” David Hogg –

Yesterday we told you how David Hogg, a Parkland survivor and gun control activist, is teaming up with Resistance warrior Joe Walsh to pass new gun control legislation.

Now, this might make you want to giggle uncontrollably – this is what it does for us – but for David, this is very, very serious. And for David, it’s not about gun control; it’s about protecting our children:

“Do something.” Whenever a gun control activist says “do something”, you know they are very, very serious.

Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was one of the schoolgirls killed in the Parkland shooting, is also a school safety activist. But Petty, unlike Hogg, is intellectually honest.

And he sees Hogg’s self-exalting farce of “do something” well:

“Time to sit down, quack.”

Ryan Petty has been right so far with David Hogg.

This (as of February 2019) could offer more insight into the type of obstruction Petty is talking about:

Relatives of 17 people killed in February 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High gathered with activists in Fort Lauderdale on Monday to present the first of what they hope will be more than 1 million petitions signed to force a 2020 election. to ban the possession of what they called “military grade” weapons. If it passes, the ban would be cemented as an amendment to the Florida Constitution.

The effort – which has so far garnered only 88,000 of the 766,200 requested signatures – began nearly a year ago amid a surprisingly successful push by Parkland activists and families to move a radical measure for gun and school safety across the country. Republican-controlled legislature. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act created a “red flag” law to remove guns from the hands of people deemed unstable by a judge, raised the minimum age to purchase a rifle, and banned the sale and possession of accessories capable of converting semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic ones ..

But attempts to amend the bill to completely ban “assault weapons” have gone nowhere. Thus in March the Ban Assault Weapons Now political committee was formed in order to initiate a petition that would outlaw the possession of any semi-automatic shotgun or shotgun capable of carrying more than 10 rounds at any one time in or via a magazine.

“It is time to ban the type of military-grade assault weapons in the state of Florida that are used by our overseas military on our enemies on the battlefield,” BAWN President Gail Schwartz said Monday morning, training for. be heard in the rain and the roar of cars racing past Broward County Government Headquarters in downtown Andrews Avenue.

Schwartz, the aunt of Parkland teenager Alex Schachter, was joined by a group of activists that included Hogg, the parents of slain 17-year-old Nick Dworet and the widow of school athletic director Chris Hixon. They came together under the umbrella of Do Something Florida !, a bipartisan organization created to push a ban on assault weapons.

“Do something.” There’s that sentence again.

In Petty’s mind, “do something” is just a euphemism for “ban guns”. He is not wrong to think so.

And it’s worth noting that David Hogg had friends in very high positions:

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