Australian designer Alex Perry’s impressive gym selfie shocks fans

Australian designer Alex Perry left friends and fans in shock after sharing a shot after a workout and revealing giant biceps.

Australian fashion designer Alex Perry stunned his friends and fans with a dramatic transformation.

The 59-year-old TV presenter and Specsavers ambassador recently shared a selfie at the gym after what can only be assumed was a very grueling workout – and his incredible physique has left people in shock.

In the shot, Alex, best known for wearing tailored suits and sunglasses on his head, wears a black “muscle t-shirt”.

For those unfamiliar with sportswear, a “muscle t-shirt” is a sleeveless design that serves to show off the wearer’s physique.

And the boy did just that.

The famous designer’s bulging biceps were on display, with many of his 121,000 followers completely shocked at how grown they had grown.

“Lunchtime workout in the legendary City Gym !!!” Alex headlined the post, which showed that he paired his shirt with a pair of blue shorts and a black cap.

“Good heavens Alex, you’re bigger than The Rock! Amazing work, ”wrote Channel 9 presenter Shelly Horton.

“Beast mode,” said celebrity hair stylist Max Made, while Sam Burgess added, “Rig city”.

Others commented on the impressive shot with an array of emojis, including the shocked face, flames, and muscular arms.

Alessio first social media user stunned with his impressive efforts at the gym in 2020when he shared an “iso training” photo.

He’s always been an avid gym-goer, but there’s no denying he’s gotten more passionate in recent years.

“Going to the gym and working out keeps me in optimal physical and mental condition for whatever I am faced with in the fashion industry,” she said. SBS in 2017.

The Australian-born Greek said that when it comes to achieving fitness goals, it’s important to be “consistent in diet and exercise,” adding that it’s “the way you can avoid the spread of middle age.”

“In the beginning, I didn’t consider exercise and training as a science. Sure, I trained hard back then, but I didn’t eat well afterwards, ”she explained.

After five years, Alex demonstrated consistency and a healthy diet worked for him, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“I’m fine there AP,” wrote one fan in one of her fitness snaps.

“I looked at you all shiny and beautiful,” added another.

“Those guns!” a third commented.

Originally published as ‘Beast’: Australian designer Alex Perry’s impressive gym selfie