circle: Twitter begins distributing the “circle” to more users

San Francisco: Microblog site Twitterwhich he started testing Circle earlier this month with a limited group, it began rolling out the feature to more users.

The feature, which allows users to choose up to 150 people, works in a very similar way The close friends of Instagramsince it allows users to tweet to a specific group of people rather than all of Twitter, reports The Verge.

To check if you have access to Twitter circleupdate your Twitter app or go to Twitter in a web browser.

When you start composing a tweet, you will see a drop-down menu at the top that says Everyone.

From here, you can choose Twitter Circle to limit your tweet to a select audience, or you can press Edit to add or remove people from your circle. Twitter will not notify users if you add or remove them.

People in your circle won’t be able to retweet everything you post to it, but they can still take screenshots and download your tweets.

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It’s also important to keep in mind that Twitter’s community guidelines still apply even if you’re sending your tweets to a smaller audience.

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