The Australian Cyclist Attitudes Survey finds controversial views

An international survey of road users has produced alarming results on how we approach bicycle users in this country.

Australia attitudes towards cyclists they are “out of step” with their global colleagues, according to a wide-ranging survey of cycling.

Ipsos’ research found that Australia’s low bicycle ownership rates rivaled Saudi Arabia.

Australians are also less likely to believe that bicycles play an important role in reducing traffic congestion.

The poll freezes with claims that Sydney is the “worst place in the world“For cyclists.

The researchers questioned more than 20,000 people around the world, including 1,000 Australians, to get an idea of ​​the global attitudes surrounding bicycles.

Less than one in three Australians own a bicycle, although twice as many people can drive. Australians said they were less likely to ride a bicycle for a short trip to their neighborhood, preferring to walk or drive.

Of the 28 countries surveyed, only four countries said cars are significantly more popular than bicycles for short trips: Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

Bicycles are a much more popular option in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, as well as China and India.

Australians were more likely to have a negative perception of electric bicycles than people from other regions.

Attitudes towards cyclists were also low compared to other countries, with two thirds of Australians believing that cyclists “often fail to respect traffic rules and regulations”.

About 70% believe that cyclists pose as much of a danger to pedestrians as cars or motorbikes, also believing that cyclists pose a danger to drivers. The percentage of drivers holding such views was higher than almost all other countries.

Originally published as Australian attitudes towards cyclists “out of step” with the world