Seth Meyers accepts Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts and it’s a wild ride

Seth Meyers Monday briefly welcomed the “alternative facts” of “prolific and shameless liar” Kellyanne Conway. (Watch the video below.)

Complaining about yet another former Trump associate who wrote a “dishonest and selfish” book – Conway’s “Here’s the deal” came out on Tuesday – the “Late Night” host served a clip of Conway at a press conference on March 6, 2020.

“It is being contained,” Conway told a reporter, referring to the COVID-19 virus that would soon spread to every corner of the world. “Don’t you think it’s contained?”

“Congratulations, Kellyanne, you were right,” Meyers chirped. “It was contained in March 2020 – COVID quickly wore off, hydroxychloroquine and horse paste worked and we never heard of it again.”

Meyers continued his riff without facts before reminding viewers that in reality “none of this happened”.

“I’m not going to quote from the book, because there’s no reason to believe it,” he said.