Dr. Jordan Peterson drops SJWs in EPIC thread on why it’s not only ok to be a man, but NECESSARY – twitchy.com

We spend a lot of time watching people complain about and tear men down. This is not new and in fact, we’ve been seeing social justice warriors blame ‘the patriarchy’ for years and years now. Granted, their new target is women and how they should not be allowed to have their own spaces, sports, or experiences BUT the real bugaboo for many of them is MEN.

Especially straight, white, Christian men.

Dr. Jordan Peterson put together a pretty damn good thread on why it’s not only ok to be man but necessary.

Take a gander.

This. ^

The people with no skin in the game who sit back b*tching about the men taking care of things they literally take for granted every day.

Making sure that everything that always breaks, works.

Something far too many of us doesn’t spend enough time acknowledging. They are far more beneficial than the people complaining that parents don’t want their children being taught about sexual persuasion in freaking grade school.

Dr. Jordan Peterson NAILED it.

As usual.



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