Electric Beetle GWM Ballet Car has been called “blatantly sexist”

The modern version of the Volkswagen Beetle offers “Lady Driving Mode” and other questionable features that have created a stir on social media.

In electric machine offered by an up-and-coming auto company that claims to “love women more” has been derided as “blatantly sexist”, “condescending” and “misogynistic.”

Motors of the Great WallNow Ballet Cat is a battery-powered car inspired by the classic Volkswagen Beetle. The car is powered by a 127kW / 250Nm electric motor connected to a choice of batteries that guarantee up to 500km of range.

He has now taken an interesting approach to the new model by developing a “Punk Cat” for men and a “Ballet Cat” for women. The latter is finished in soft pastel shades that complement his retro style of hers.

It also has huge vanity mirrors with LED ring lighting which, according to the brand, is “specially designed for oriental women.”

Other features include a selfie camera, a “Lady Driving Mode” that maintains a greater distance from the car in front, a voice-activated automatic parking system and ergonomics modeled around smaller female frames.

Reddit users who reacted to the new model suggested that it combined “the most condescending shit ever” with a “misogynistic” approach loaded with “gimmicky gender bullshit.”

Car scoopa popular automotive website claimed that “nothing we can think of is as blatantly sexist as the Hour Ballet Cat.”

That vision was shaped by the inclusion of a “Hot Man Mode” designed to comfort drivers suffering from menstrual disturbances.

approxr China News translated an official description of the feature, which has since been removed from the Ora website.

“Now explain the reasoning behind this: during menstruation, you can feel cold and therefore panic. So what does Hot Man mode do? Turns on the heating and air conditioning with one click, ‘to warm body and mind’. “

Don’t expect the system to be present in Australia.

But there is a possibility The Ora brand from GWM it could come to Australia, with the brand having previously declared an interest in the smaller, Mini-like “Good Cat” electric car.

Originally published as Chinese car banged as “blatantly sexist”