Apple interrogating World Trade Center store staff, says CWA

Customers shop at the new Apple Store at the World Trade Center in New York City.

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Communications Workers of America accuses Apple of violating federal labor law at its World Trade Center store in New York City.

On Wednesday evening, CWA said in an unfair labor practices filing with the National Labor Relations Board that Apple questioned and interviewed staff, prevented them from publishing union flyers, and forced them to participate in mandatory union-wide speeches.

The indictment, filed Wednesday night, comes as Apple employees at multiple stores across the country are taking steps to unionize, including in New York. Great Central Station, Atlanta Other Maryland. There follows a wave of organizing efforts in companies such as Amazon Other Starbucks.

“Apple retail workers across the country are demanding a voice and a seat at the table. Unfortunately, and contradicting its stated values, Apple responded as a typical American company with heavy tactics designed to intimidate and coerce customers. workers, ”said Tim Dubnau, CWA’s deputy organizational director, in a statement announcing the filing.

A CWA spokesperson was not immediately available to comment on whether Apple World Trade Center store workers are trying to form a union or if they are seeking representation from the CWA.

The union filed a separate lot Tuesday, accusing Apple of violating federal labor law by holding captive audience meetings at its Cumberland Mall store in Atlanta.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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