The revolution between Allegra Spender and Dave Sharma in Wentworth

It looks like a green-blue sky ahead for Allegra Spender as her volunteer base grows. But her Liberal opponent Dave Sharma looks just plain blue.

Allegra Spender (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

It’s been impossible to buy a plain teal-coloured T-shirt anywhere for days. Organisers for Allegra Spender’s Wentworth bid have scoured websites for more shirts to screen-print and give to volunteers.

With 1165 of them, and more signing up in the final week, the Spender campaign has soaked up much of the available stock. But it is not alone — about half a dozen independent candidates have adopted the retina-searing hue, giving rise to the shorthand description teal independents. Turquoise-blue banners are everywhere. 

Dave Sharma, a 46-year-old former diplomat, holds the seat of Wentworth on a margin of 1.2% — about 1200 votes. A Guardian Australia poll yesterday predicted he would lose to Spender on preferences. On a primary vote basis, he had 36% to her 33%. But the Redbridge poll found most of the preferences from Labor (12%) and the Greens (6%) would flow to Spender, pushing her to the front. 

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