Democratic representatives call on Biden DOJ to “protect” Hispanic communities that are “highly susceptible to misinformation” –

Earlier this month Reuters reported that Hispanics are among the voting demographic groups fleeing Biden and the Democrats as the midterm approaches:

Of the 35 Hispanic voters Reuters spoke to in two launch races in Arizona and Colorado, 20 – including Aguirre – said rising inflation is leading them to seriously consider voting for Republicans. Most of them said they usually vote Democrat.

Many said they don’t necessarily blame the Democrats, but have lost faith in their ability to resolve inflation and are increasingly willing to let Republicans try.

Even a small loss of support among Hispanics – a key component of the Democratic coalition of voters that brought President Joe Biden to power – could mean the loss of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate of Democrats.

So what’s the next move by the Democrats to stop Hispanics from voting Republican in November? Reject the insane political pushes of the left? Obviously not! For a Florida Democrat, Rep. Darren Soto, the answer is to involve the Biden Justice Department in “protecting” Hispanic communities from “misinformation”:

translation? It’s quite simple:

And as you know, the real “misinformation” comes from the Democrats (looking at you, Biden White House).

Obviously for some Democrats the preferred answer is to involve the Justice Department and perhaps the Ministry of Truth as well.

Do Democrats really think calling people stupid and gullible is the way to win them back?

We will find out in November how big the backlash against the Democrats will be in the medium term.

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