Very serious GOP senators: peaceful January 6, vigils in the houses of the judges The real insurrection

The peaceful protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices in the Washington area have really shocked many right-wingers, because what kind of monsters would protest outside someone’s home, where they live? At least, as long as the protest wasn’t over COVID policies. So it is okay to terrorize the children of public officials not only by marching out of their homes, but also flashing strobe lights on windows and knocking on the door.

Among those shocked by the protests is Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee), who Newsmax continued to ask for an arrest of all the protesters, and those who said it was illegal to protest outside a judge’s house, a complaint House Republicans have also advanced. (We will talk about this shortly.)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was even more upset by the peaceful protests, which involved singing, picketing and candlelit vigils, but which remained on public streets and sidewalks outside the judges’ homes. Sean Hannity’s smile time lying to the elders on Monday, Cruz suggested the protests could also be worse Compared to the completely peaceful protests of January 6, you don’t see:

These images are the latest manifestation of how extreme, how radical the Democratic Party is becoming. […] The Democratic Party of today believes in violence, in the government of the mafia, in intimidation […] thesis thugs have no Business in the private homes of any government official, these Supreme Court justices or anyone else.

To emphasize the violent terrorism perpetrated by the dangerous crowd of crazed thugs, Fox showed videos of people walking murderously through the streets and carrying signs in the most terrifying way. Since it was raining during at least one march, many of the thugs carried open umbrellas, which could have been used as deadly weapons, and the fact that they were not only proved what close contact with death the judges had escaped.

Cruz compared the slightly damp protesters outside the judicial houses with the decent good patriots of January 6, which Cruz remembered not to call “terrorists” this time.

On January 6, 2021, tens of thousands of people protested peacefully, yet corporate media and Democrats slander them with the made-up term “insurrectionist.” […]

Yet, in this case, they are unwilling to call their henchmen back even now, not even now, as this has the potential to escalate and intensify further.

As far as we know, none of the protesters outside the homes of the SCOTUS judges shouted for them to be hanged, broken windows, sprayed with bear repellent, beaten with flagpoles, ransacked offices or injured more than 114 police officers, but it’s probably because we’re so biased that we’re just hiding it. Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC had no difficulty drawing attention to the idiocy of confrontation, Especially given the way the right-wing media has consistently downplayed the actual deadly violence on the United States Capitol.


Hasan also pitted this week’s non-violent marches on public property al long history of murders, assaults, arson and death threats against doctors, nurses and clinics who practice abortion.

Regarding the claim that protesting public property outside a judge’s home is a federal crime, Republicans cited 18 United States Code § 1507which recites

Anyone who, with the intent to interfere, hinder or hinder the administration of justice, or with the intent to influence any judge, juror, witness or bailiff, in the exercise of his duty, pickets or marches in or near a building housing a United States court, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court official, or with such intent uses any sound truck or similar device or uses any other demonstration in or near such buildings or residences, will be found under this title, or imprisoned for no more than one year, or both.

Yr Doctor Zoom is not a lawyer, so we broached that dispute in front of Wonkette’s legal analyst Liz Dye, who is. Her weighted legal opinion is “this is bullshit” and that “you have a right to be on the public road and express your opinion.” In fact, she was quite certain that any attempt to invoke that law against public property protesters “would never be met, not even by this SCOTUS.”

That said, the that of the Washington Post Aaron Blake I found legal experts who thought the law might actually be valid. Blake notes that while the Supremes have “rarely addressed this specific statute,” they have supported some similar laws. So let’s assume that if mass arrests of protesters occur, we will eventually find out. We will only note that Astute Wonkette legal analyst Jamie Lynn Crofts agrees with Liz that the federal statute is inapplicable and also “that post Office taking is stupid. ”

One wonders: would be the judges whose houses were the site of the protest must they refuse? Haha, we have fun.

In any case, please don’t regret too much about the legality of protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, because the dumbest man on the Internet, Gateway Pundit editor Jim Hoft, recently discovered something much scarier: a real honest-to-Crom DEMON in one of the protests. We are not making it up:

It looks quite scary! Let’s see that “demon” better! IMPROVE!

Hoft carefully notes that the demonstrator appears around the 15 second mark this video on Twitter, and gosh, that couldn’t be some kind of glitch in low-res videos, right? Real real demons protesting to keep themselves roe deer v. veal on the spot seems much more likely.

Always a painstaking chronicler of the truth, Hoft noted:

We’re not saying girls are demons. We are reporting that a demon-like image appears in the screengrab. In fact, the demon looks nothing like the woman protester in the video. So how do you explain it?

well oh well people lizard. They are always lizard people.

The real question is whether federal law applies to literal demons of hell or to lizard people, doesn’t it?

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