John Oliver destroys Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas as they discuss abortion

HBO’s John Oliver has called Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and the other three “weirdos” who want to overthrow Roe.


While discussing the story of a Texas woman who was denied access to an abortion because she was found six weeks and a day pregnant, Oliver said, “Six weeks and a day, and she can’t have an abortion. For most people, this is a two-week late period, and their period can come two weeks late for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re tired or traveling, or you’ve changed your diet or exercise, or maybe you’re just dealing with the stress of living in a misogynist theocracy run by five of the biggest weirdos in the country here, including Justice Beer Pong here, and justice my plan. of a coup d’état and everything I got had no consequences.

John Oliver spent his segment reminding people that Roe’s overthrow is something anti-choice activists have worked tirelessly for decades.

The moment we are in now just didn’t happen. Right-wing anti-privacy activists worked hard to get those five weirdos, as Oliver called them, to the highest court in the country.

Clarence Thomas and his wife sought and supported the overthrow of the government. Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings were the moment when Roe became seriously in jeopardy.

If Americans want to protect the right to choose, they have to work hard as opposed to choice because the struggle won’t end until Roe makes sure women are treated equally.