Idiot GOP Senators Call For A “PG” Rating That Stands For “Pretty Gay”

We can’t believe we didn’t see it coming. That is stupid republican action it hadn’t occurred to us yet.

Some GOP senators they wrote a letter pleading with the TV rating authorities to provide a special rating for the shows that tells them if the show contains a gay. Or a trans person.


However, it is to “protect the children”. Obviously. It’s definitely not to protect traditional right-wing Christian married men from temptation, but it’s always an erection that we mean bonus. After all, the people who vote for these guys with more enthusiasm I am the types of men they wear “Eyes of the Covenant” on their computers to avoid having sex at night when the rest of the family is asleep.

You may want to know if your stupid GOP senator is on the list and if you live in Kansas, North Dakota, Montana, Utah or Indiana, then yes, you have a stupid GOP senator on the list. They are Kevin Cramer, Steve Daines, Mike Braun, Roger Marshall and Mike Lee. Jesus, a sexy gay spirit haunted the cornfields of the Midwest late in the spring evening and scared all these guys? He whispered to the wind like “heeeeeeeey guuuuuuuuuurl, we seeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu “?

The letter is written to Charles Rivkin, president of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, and reads in part:

Recently, a video surfaced showing a prominent executive from children’s entertainment giant Disney claiming to support having “many, many, many LGBTQIA + characters in our stories.”

Sure, it’s fucking Disney again. They all have a mortal fear of the Rat.

To the detriment of children, gender dysphoria has become sensationalistic in popular media and on television with radical activists and entertainment companies. This radical, sexual feeling doesn’t just harm children …

Fuck yourself. Gender dysphoria is a true medical condition and not a random choice like bigoted extremist Christianity. And it has nothing to do with sex.

but it also destabilizes and damages parental rights.

Hey, remember how we used to be recently talking about “grooming” and discussed how fundamentalist Christians are the most dangerous groomers in the country?

LET’S DO AGAIN, because this letter is better understood in that context.


It’s easy to laugh, but what these senators are asking is that TV warns bigoted Christian fundamentalist parents of the existence of LGBTQ characters, because these parents believe that if no one ever “puts the idea” of LGBTQ people into their children’s heads, that their children will not turn out to be LGBTQ.

Yes, it’s the pinnacle of abject stupidity, but they really believe it, because they’ve been brainwashed to believe it. They still think you capture gay or transgender from outside forces. And in their futile desperation, they really want to prevent that from happening, because they are busy grooming their children become heterosexual cisgender fundamentalist bigots.

Spoiler alert: MILLIONS of them have LGBTQ kids and MILLIONS MORE will have them, and nothing they do can stop that. The only thing these parents can achieve with theirs – what’s our word in the vocabulary? – grooming is teaching their LGBTQ children how to hate others and hate themselves.

Just like some of their closed parents do.

Oh Lord, we’ve just established some gospel truth, all of you! We just admitted that some of the loudest protesting parents right now are most likely repressed closed cases! Can we have a fucking AMEN?


We join the letter with more complaints and complaints about Mickey Mouse:

This same company has complained with concern and vowed to work to repeal a recently passed Florida parental rights law.

Again, it is best read as the “Interferes with Fundamentalist Christian Grooming” law.

banning classroom education on sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten through third grade.

Because because did they want to do it, class? Thing ding ding, now you are getting it!

Instructions on sexual orientation and gender identity

“Instructions.” These people are so fucking weird.

it often involves a discussion of an individual’s pattern of emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction.

Read: Tell the children simple, true, and age-appropriate facts, such as that some princes want to marry a princess and others want to marry a prince. It’s no more explicit than asking six-year-olds if they have a girlfriend. None of the idiot complaints in that sentence have anything to do with “gender identity,” so we’re giving that part the respect it deserves by ignoring it.

Parents across the country have rightly expressed outrage at her inclusion in the classroom.

Oh, we know! The worst parents ever in America and they never stop telling us!

A former Disney children’s content creator recently published an article in which he acknowledges that every children’s television writer knows to beware of “modeling behavior” as children will often imitate what is being projected through TV scripts, especially children. preschool. Sexual content not only negatively affects and exploits its young audience, it also harms child actors. Over and over, child actors from major children’s TV channels, including Disney, have revealed the trauma of being sexualized at an early age.

This has nothing to do with a TV character having two moms or some cartoon farm animal identifying as non-binary. Parents, if you want to stop your kids from watching fuck on TV, stop them from watching fuck on TV. There are already ratings that tell you this. And if you’re worried about the plight of the child actors, um, do something about it. This is not it.

Considering that cognitive markers of sexual desire emerge during puberty, when adolescents undergo natural hormonal and physiological changes, it is totally inappropriate to show this content in a TV-Y7 category and for other young viewers.

Uh oh, it looks like some GOP senators are doing their own research! Bless their hearts. Ask any gay person when they have realized, in a childlike way, that they have a same-sex crush. Ask a heterosexual person when they have realized, in a childlike way, that they have a crush on someone of the opposite sex. Ask a trans person when they realized their gender didn’t match their brains. People in Lotta will tell you “five” or “seven” or “I don’t know, did I always know?”

But note that they’re holding onto this hilarious idea that if their kids just don’t see gay or transgender on TV, their parents can prevent it. They cling to it like a gun or a Bible they’ve never read.

This dialogue often involves promoting irreversible experimental treatments involving surgical and otherwise invasive cosmetic procedures that are harmful and life-aging and do not highlight medical necessity.

Oh good God. What fucking shows are these idiots watching? Is there an hour of gender affirmation surgery on Nickelodeon that we are not aware of?

This is enough. In the latest tally of the letter, they plead with the television authorities to ensure that the ratings are applied “without ideological bias”. We discussed how when they say that when they say that companies and the media should be “neutral” by saying nothing that would offend a foamy-mouthed anti-LGBTQ bigot, what they are really saying is that by acknowledging that LGBTQ people exist in a place where children might see that it interferes with the freedom of hateful fascist Christian parents to educate their children.

It’s really transparent when you take a second to look at it.

[New York Post / this damn letter / h/t JoeMyGod]

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