MOJ: Short Video app Moj to help creators earn Rs 3,500 crore over 3 years

Moj, the Indian short video app, is looking to facilitate close to a million creators on its platform over the next three years under its ‘Moj For Creators’ programme, a move that could end up creating more than Rs 3,500 crore for the content makers.

The company aims to help a million creators adopt content creation as a profession.

A key initiative will be building a robust monetisation model for creators and driving engaging content on the platform in the long term.

“Our creators are the heart and soul of Moj, and it has been our constant endeavour to encourage them and celebrate their talent,” said Ankush Sachdeva, CEO and Cofounder, ShareChat and Moj. “We acknowledge the value and potential of Indian creators, and ‘Moj For Creators’ represents our commitment to their success. Our investment will provide an equal opportunity to every creator and help to not only fully discover their talent but also help them monetise it.”

He told ET that at present, the platform has close to 100,000 creators, and they are looking at engaging with over a million by 2025 through this program.

On the revenue share arrangement with the creators, he said that it will keep evolving. “When you are in the market creation phase, you want to give more incentives to creators, and once the revenue streams go up, we can ask them to share more with the platform. So, I think it will be a variable thing, but it’s going to be a very large pie… It’s going to be a win-win for both, and our job is to increase the size of the pie.”

The programme includes grooming through preliminary and advanced genre-based training courses, mentorship, spotlight programs, and in-depth workshops on industry trends.

The idea, Sachdeva said, is to help creators monetise their talent and provide avenues to make it a viable career option and create a sustainable revenue stream for them.

As part of the programme, Moj is introducing Virtual Gifting, Commerce Earnings, and Creator Referral Programmes.