Trevor Noah brilliantly twisted the media at the WHCD

Trevor Noah made a lot of jokes about Joe Biden, but his strongest message was reserved for the present media.

Noah called New York Times reporters for holding on to Kevin McCarthy’s tapes until their book went on sale:

The Daily Show presenter denounced Peter Doocy’s hypocrisy by asking Hunter Biden’s White House:

Noah concluded a powerful closure that reminded reporters how lucky they are:

Noah said:

If you ever start doubting how significant this is, don’t look for what’s happening in Ukraine. See what’s happening. There, reporters are risking and even losing their lives to show the world what is really going on. You realize how incredible it is. In America, you have the right to seek the truth and tell the truth, even if that makes people uncomfortable in power. Even if it makes your viewers or readers uncomfortable. To understand how awesome it is? I was here tonight and made fun of the President of the United States. I’ll be ok. I’ll be fine, right?

For example, do you really understand what a blessing it is? Maybe it has been going on for so long it slipped your mind, it’s a blessing. Here, ask yourself this question. Honestly, ask yourself this question. If Russian journalists, who are losing their livelihoods, as you, Steve, were talking about and their freedom to dare to report and their own government are doing it, if they had the freedom to write words, show stories, ask a few questions: if they basically had what you have, would they use it the same way you do?

Ask yourself this question every day. You have one of the most important roles in the world. Thank you so much for hosting me.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is one of the toughest concerts for any comedian, but Noah did a great job of walking the line between laughter and making a serious point.

Ukrainian journalists are losing their lives. Russian journalists have been locked up in prison or forced to flee the country and to the United Statesour reporters complain that Jen Psaki is too good at her job and cannot become big stars.

Trevor Noah Was Right American journalists have no idea how good they are.