Tammy Bruce CLOSES him into a discussion of why the left is REALLY going crazy over Musk’s Twitter acquisition – twitchy.com

Tammy Bruce was able to see through all the hysteria on the left and find a really cool thread about what the left is REALLY going crazy for. And it’s not like they might have to see some mean tweets from frog people again …

No no, it’s something much bigger than that.

The left is afraid of losing control because once more ideas, more programs and more narratives are floating around the Twitter sphere it is no longer throttled by the Twitter gatekeepers, it will be much more difficult to control the way people think, feel. , and finally vote.

Tammy said it was much better of course:

“They are going crazy for not being able to stop information and control communication.”


The needle? We told you she said it best.

To continue.

The cancer of wokism.

It certainly looks like the tide is finally turning … that people are waking up.

This is bad news for the Democrats in November, but we’re digressing.

This. So much this. ^

Those days are OVER. YAAAAAS.

What Tammy said.


This publisher is absolutely a Happy Warrior.

#WeMissYouAndrewBreitbart #HappyWarrior



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