Mali’s governmnet to probe ethnic rebel leaders, suggesting collapse of crucial 2015 peace deal

BAMAKO, Mali — Mali’s military government announced an investigation into ethnic rebel leaders who signed a peace agreement in 2015 to halt their quest for an independent state, a development experts said shows the crucial deal has collapsed. The public prosecutor at the Bamako Court of Appeal ordered Tuesday night the probe into the Tuareg … Read more

zee sony merger: Report on Zee Sony merger risks collapse incorrect, clarifies Zee Entertainment

Zee Entertainment on Wednesday called the news report captioned “Sony-Zee Merger Risks Collapse Over Eleventh-Hour CEO Drama: Report” “factually incorrect.” The report was published by NDTV. “We wish to reiterate that the Company is continuing to work towards a successful closure of the proposed merger as per the Composite Scheme of Arrangement approved by the … Read more

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ world tour hits cinemas worldwide

Issued on: 27/11/2023 – 15:52 In this culture update, FRANCE 24’s Jennifer Ben Brahim gives us a sneak peek of Beyoncé’s concert film of her billion-dollar “Renaissance” tour. The film gives fans a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action and the best on-stage moments. Jennifer also tells us more about this year’s Booker Prize winner – Irish … Read more

Earth will be bombarded by intense solar storms next YEAR: Scientists predict we’ll reach ‘solar maximum’ in 2024 – with flares strong enough to cripple the world’s internet for WEEKS

About every 11 years, the sun goes through what’s known as ‘solar maximum’, when many bizarre dark spots appear on its surface.  These ‘sunspots’ – which can cluster together and form what looks like an archipelago – are caused by massive changes in our star’s magnetic field.  They also shoot out violent explosions of energy towards Earth, causing ‘solar … Read more

The Dwindling Prospects For Russian and Chinese-Backed Infrastructure Projects in Myanmar – The Diplomat

Following the Myanmar military’s seizure of power in 2021, analysts speculated that Chinese companies would take advantage of the military-appointed State Administration Council (SAC)’s diplomatic and economic isolation to push through infrastructure projects under the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC), a component of the Belt and Road Initiative. Almost three years since the putsch, however, progress on pre-project … Read more