John Maynard Keynes | INOMICS

Read a summary or generate practice questions based on this article with the new INOMICS AI toolhere. Students often learn about important figures in economics only briefly and in passing, yet the content taught in economics courses often comes from brilliant economists such as these. John Maynard Keynes was a philosopher and economist who made … Read more

Latest on Steelers QB for Week 9 Fantasy Football

Kenny Pickett’s injury on Sunday throws doubt on his status for Thursday Night Football as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season. The second-year quarterback had his team at a surprising 4-3, second place in the AFC North. They were a contending team, but that can change if Pickett is completely unavailable. Here’s what we know. … Read more

US Fed likely to hold interest rates steady

WASHINGTON D.C.: The Federal Reserve will likely announce it is holding interest rates at a 22-year high on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) as it looks to tackle inflation without damaging the resilient US economy. Analysts and traders parsing recent Fed speeches overwhelmingly expect the US central bank to hold rates steady for the second meeting … Read more

There Is No Trump Witchhunt. His Long Reign Of Grifting And Criminal Behavior Is Ending. Justice Has Caught Up With Him.The Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Have Never Been Elected President And Should Never Be President Again Are Obvious. Realists Who Are Not Under The Spell Of Trump’s Racist, Hateful, Autocratic View Of America Are Sick Of The Attention Given To Those Who Are Delusional About Trump Being Normal, Competent, And Patriotic. Morality Is More Important Than Power.

American democracy needs political parties that believe in upholding the rule of law and upholding their oath to the Constitution. By giving their party to the corrupt, incompetent Donald Trump, the Republican Party has abandoned their standing as one of those parties. They no longer respect and defend the military, law enforcement, states rights and … Read more

Virtual Superlensing Made a Reality

A little bit of distance can make all the difference. That’s what two researchers at the University of Sydney Nano Institute recently concluded in their study on a new method for “superlensing,” a way of seeing things that are smaller than the wavelength of light, and doing so without any actual lenses. The researchers found … Read more

Tesla wins its first trial in the US over allegations that Autopilot led to a death, in a jury trial in California state court (Reuters)

Reuters: Tesla wins its first trial in the US over allegations that Autopilot led to a death, in a jury trial in California state court  —  Tesla (TSLA.O) on Tuesday won the first U.S. trial over allegations that its Autopilot driver assistant feature led to a death, as a jury found there was not a … Read more