McDonald’s Anime Mini-Series Reaches Its Finale – Interest

Urachan drew all 6 20-second shorts for fast food franchise

The official Twitter account for McDonald’s Japan posted the series finale for its anime mini-series on Monday. Well, “series finale” is a stretch, since the anime consisted entirely of 20-second shorts featuring people eating Big Macs, fries, and Chicken McNuggets, set to a lo-fi music track. So if you came in expecting a high-octane fight scene between the Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald or an isekai comedy featuring Grimace and his shake, temper those expectations and vibe along with these cute characters simply lovin’ it. Urachan (or Uraura Ura @urachan1629) drew all six videos featured below:

The first short premiered on September 20.

For anyone who is here for that deep McDonald’s lore, the advertisements were for the fast food chain’s Yoru Mac, or Night Mac, which is a special evening menu with special deals, including some for the PoteNage combo of Chicken McNuggets and fries.

This is not the first time McDonald’s has had anime ads. In fact, the company has had recent collaborations with anime such as SPY×FAMILY and Lupin III. Fist of the North Star manga illustrator Tetsuo Hara designed the characters for McDonald’s Japan‘s new Samurai Mac burger. Even star part-time MgRonald’s worker Sadao Maou from The Devil Is a Part-Timer! showed up in an ad. Hopefully, he didn’t realize he was in an ad for the wrong restaurant!

Source: McDonalds Japan’s Twitter account

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