Lindsey Graham – Read To Declar War On Iran?


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Thank you for educating us about the Neocons. Your special report opened my eyes and should be taught in school. Lindsey Graham, on your list of Neocons, seems to be ignorant of anything to do with the Middle East. His Meet the Press was virtually a push to declare war on Iran. That will bring in Russia, which he seems to want, and Turkey will be drawn in, which has the largest arming in the region. Besides that, 20% of the world’s oil supply still passes through the Straits of Hormuz.

His proposal to attack Iran’s oil production to cut off funds for Hamas is idiotic. Iran has thousands of missiles, if not nukes. They are sophisticated in cyber warfare. That will create World War III.

Is there nobody in Washington to push back against the lack of understanding?


ANSWER: These Neocons are living under the false assumption that the United States is overwhelmingly powerful and that the entire world can be brought to its knees in a matter of days. Our active military is only 1.4 million compared to Russia and China, which are at 3.2 million. Even India has 1.5 million. They think because we are a major nuclear power, that nations will tremble when we say boo.  Before this began, Iran had 610,000 active. Israel had just under 170,000. Sources say that Iran has had a flood of people rushing to sign up when they raised the black flag—perhaps 2 million.

If the US attacks Iran – that is World War III. This will take it from a regional war to a global war in a matter of hours. Then we have insane Neocons claiming NATO could defeat Russia in 3 days. This is insane. Then you have those looking at the Bible who have been writing in about Armageddon when those from the North invade into the Middle East. I seriously doubt that any of these Neocons believe in the Bible.

All these people ever preach is war – never peace.

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