What does the I-Ching say about President Ferdinand “Bongbong”

For those who still need to learn the I-Ching, this is a 5,000-year-old tool used by the Chinese to forecast weather and stuff. Created reportedly by Fuxi, China’s first patriarch, the I-Ching was a “hand-me-down” ancient knowledge, so to speak, from luminous beings from heaven. The principle is simple—the I-Ching guides the user to ascertain the “will of Heaven.” The I-Ching has permanently been anchored on what the Chinese describe as the Golden Mean, which means “the middle way.” In Chinese cosmology, everything created in the universe came from the unity of opposites—the yin and the yang. The Yang is the positive force that bears the same weight and value as the yin, the negative one.

The mathematician Leibniz in creating the binary code, admitted having been inspired by the I-Ching. Leibniz discovered that reality could be understood thru the use of one’s and zero’s, similar to the ancient knowledge of the Yang and the Yin. Scientists know this very well, especially those who study quantum physics and mechanics. Our reality is “constructed,” and we can make reality possible if we know the rudimentary rules that created it. In Quantum physics, everything is made of quanta—infinitesimal elements that shape the universe. Those very same elements constitute us.

I have always practiced I-Ching since my college days at the University. It does not conflict with my faith. For one, I see the I-Ching not as a pseudo-science or a tool for divination but rather as a way of accessing “heaven’s will,” which the Bible describes as the “Book.”

Let us begin by asking this question: what is the fate of Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos Junior in 2023? To answer this, we need a hexagram, a graphic representation of I-Ching’s answer to the question, which consists of six lines. Yins and yangs determine these six lines. Yang has a value of three, while Yin has two. One can create a hexagram by picking yarrow sticks or a coin toss. In this exercise, I chose coin toss.

A toss consists of three coins. Every toss results in a number calculated based on the values of the coins. A coin that shows a “head” has a value of three, while a “tail” merits two. Calculate the sum of these three coins, and you will get the following values: 6,7,8 and 9. A six is called a changing yin, while a nine is called a changing yang. Seven is represented by a solid yang line, while eight represents a definite yin. When a changing line appears, say a six, it converts into a solid yang (7). A changing line is always considered a point where energy is constantly in motion.

I conducted this I-Ching session on the night of 27 December 2022, and here are the results:

  1. Three heads=9, or changing yang converted into solid yin (8)
  2. Three tails=6 or changing yin converted into solid yang (7)
  3. Two heads+1 tail= eight a solid yin
  4. 2 heads+1 tail=8, another solid yin
  5. 3 tails=6, a changing yin converted into a solid yang (7)
  6. Two heads+ one tail= 8, a solid yin

The emerging hexagram points to “29” or “Kan,” with the first trigram describing “water” or “North” represented by the number 7, the same configuration as that of the second trigram. Kan is “an image of someone falling into a pit.”

2023 is a lousy year for PBBM because the hexagram tells of a situation whereby PBBM is to get involved in a “double whammy.” But, be advised—PBBM will survive these two difficult situations if he follows what the I-Ching recommends:

“Maintain your confidence; soothe your mind. You can pass through any difficult situation with assurance, faith, caution, and trust.”

PBBM is expected to encounter a “situation fraught with difficulties” twice. It is advised that PBBM follow “the way of heaven.” If PBBM decides not to follow the “way” of heaven interpreted in the I-Ching as the “middle way,” he will surely fall into the pit of darkness, not once, but twice.

PBBM will encounter what the I-Ching describes as a “defiler” whose acts will cause PBBM “into the cavern of the pit.” “There will be evil,” says the I-Ching. This defiler may be someone inside his administration whose primary mission is to set the stage for the self-destruction of the administration.

So, Mr. President, be mindful of your situation. Deepen your intelligence. By the way, is seven the lucky number of his father, former president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos? And 7 represents “North,” a geographic area in the Philippines called “Ilocos,” which the Marcoses always claim as politically theirs. The defiler may come from this place if the I-Ching is to be believed.

Darkness, interpreted in the I-Ching, “means obscurity and unknowing.” Interpreted based on our context, there will be two situations where PBBM will be caught with his pants down because of the “obscurity” of two (2) issues or conditions whereby PBBM is to be left without anyone appraising him or giving him any briefing (unknowing). In the hexagram number 36, this advice is given:

“When the darkness of stupidity reigns in human affairs, it is best to keep your brilliance “hidden under a bushel basket.” Let your thoughts and efforts be quiet, self-contained, and protected from harmful influences as much as possible.

Don’t let yourself be swept along by the current of conventional wisdom when too many dangerous uncertainties exist. Try not to become too depressed or anxious; this period, too, shall pass. Just endure it and preserve your self-confidence while remaining cooperative and flexible. The time to assert yourself will come. Avoid looking too far ahead if you have not yet achieved your goals—that will only stimulate feelings of regret or longing, eating away at your inner strength.

Now is the time to be cautious and reserved. Control yourself. Refrain from stimulating forces of opposition. During dark, unsettled periods, it is best to step gingerly around the sleeping dogs.”

The I-Ching has given its cautions. Let those who hear open their ears and listen. Those with eyes see. These are trying times.

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