Shaming voters won’t work following Voice to Parliament result

Yet simultaneously, the elite privileging of packaged Indigenous culture has made it a target.

A sign on a car in Alice Springs (Image: Reuters/Jaimi Joy)
A sign on a car in Alice Springs (Image: Reuters/Jaimi Joy)

It’s safe to say the right was never going to take a week’s vow of silence after the referendum loss. It was out of the gate, crowing about a culture war win, calling for another commission into child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities, and an audit of spending. It was getting its culture war on.

Well, much good may it do it — which is none at all. If the right really thinks it can build a US-style culture war on this result, it is even stupider than a bunch of people who’ve lost power in every state except the comedy one, despite having News Corpse backing.

The great truth of the No result was not some rally against the PC tide; it was simply an extension of widespread indifference to its claims from either side.

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