Jacob Elordi Is Dressing Like a Classic Leading Man Now

When Jacob Elordi isn’t carrying a killer It Bag around the city of Los Angeles or some luxuriously far-flung airport, he’s wearing some of the chicest menswear Hollywood’s seen in years.

As a key cast member in one of the few high-profile new films to snag a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement, Elordi has been on whirlwind tour to promote Sofia Coppola’s upcoming Priscilla Presley biopic Priscilla, in which the Australian actor portrays the famously suave Elvis Presley. For an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, Elordi sported a custom Valentino ensemble: a rakish gray shirt featuring what my GQ colleague Avidan Grossman described as “a perfect collar,” worn unbuttoned to showcase a white ribbed tank underneath and tucked into a pair of high-rise dress trousers, with shiny black dress shoes and a silver Cartier Tank watch. (For those keeping track, the actor also wore a yellow gold Tank Normale to Priscilla’s Venice premiere.)

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So far, his press wardrobe has matched the dark appeal of the role, though Elordi himself had to come around on that end. The 26-year-old admitted to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that, prior to filming, “The most I knew of Elvis Presley was in Lilo & Stitch.”

Nonetheless, these raffish takes on classic menswear speak to the style vibe he’s been channeling throughout the Priscilla press tour. (Or, as a self-professed student of old-school masters Brando and Clift, it’s also pretty reflective of his career goals in general.) Earlier this month, Elordi wore a slouchy, navy-blue Dior suit (with a wallet chain—fun!) to the film’s New York Film Festival screening; earlier that day, he rolled up both the sleeves of his crimson-striped Saint Laurent shirt and the hems of his flared black trousers for a radio press appearance. They’re ensembles that feel like a chicer continuation of last year’s loose-fitting, gray-toned menswear trend (otherwise known as the Louche Suit Movement), which was marked by baggy Fear of God’s Kenny G-esque sets and an abundance of toothless ’90s-Armani-inspired tailoring.

Jacob Elordi, wearing a Dior suit, at the New York Film Festival on October 6.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Earlier that day, in Saint Laurent.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

This could also be an incidental fashion choice as much as it is a stylistic one—on the Tonight Show, Elordi told Fallon ahead of the taping that he’d recently lost weight in preparation for another role. “I’m a little bit light so I was concerned about wearing, you know, such baggy clothes,” the actor said on air. “I’ve lost a decent amount of weight to play a prisoner of war, so I’m a little bit concerned because I think I look like– I’ve seen a few photos on the internet of me as Slender Man.” Bleak, and far less enticing than his sultry Saltburn eyebrow piercing, but such is the life of a thespian.

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