Profits Over People

Emily and John are joined by guest host Mary Harris (host of What Next) to talk about the dangerous debt ceiling games; blowing the whistle on Facebook; and new revelations about January 6th and the plan to overturn the election.

Here are some notes and references from this week’s show:

Wall Street Journal: The Facebook Files

Wall Street Journal: The Facebook Files, A Podcast Series

Nathaniel Persily for the Washington Post: “Facebook Hides Data Showing It Harms Users. Outside Scholars Need Access.”

Charlie Warzel’s Substack, Galaxy Brain: “The Algorithm Tweaks Won’t Save Us”

Katie Benner for The New York Times: “Report Cites New Details of Trump Pressure on Justice Dept. Over Election”

Mike Stobbe for The Associated Press: “More Than 120,000 Us Kids Had Caregivers Die During Pandemic”

YouTube video: “Richard Feynman Magnets”

Slate’s What Next With Mary Harris

Here’s this week’s chatter:

John: The President Is a Sick Man: Wherein the Supposedly Virtuous Grover Cleveland Survives a Secret Surgery at Sea and Vilifies the Courageous Newspaperman Who Dared Expose the Truth, by Matthew Algeo

Mary: Gary Shteyngart for The New Yorker: “A Botched Circumcision and Its Aftermath”; Robert Kolker for The New York Times Magazine: “Who Is the Bad Art Friend?”

Emily: Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law: Annual Awards Virtual Event–Championing Disability Rights for 49 Years; Sabrina Tavernise and Katie Benne for The New York Times: “Federal Judge Pauses Strict Texas Law Banning Most Abortions”

Listener chatter from Kyle Amann: Matthew Fox for Insider: “A Hamster Has Been Trading Cryptocurrencies In A Cage Rigged To Automatically Buy And Sell Tokens Since June – And It’s Currently Outperforming The S&P 500”

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