Breaking the stigma

GET ready for an electrifying journey as the powerhouse punk rock sensation Armpunk Sindicate gears up for a ground-shaking tour, aptly named “Anarchy of the Psyche”.

This is not just another tour — it is a full-throttle mission to thrust the crucial issue of mental health into the limelight and it is about to take the nation by storm.

Riding the waves of its previous release, the mental health-themed single SeteruMu, dropped a year ago, Armpunk Sindicate is now cranking up the advocacy metre with a brand-new promotional tour that promises to be nothing short of revolutionary.

This is not your average band hitting the road — it is a dynamic force on a mission. The tour goes beyond the beats and melodies, delving into the core of mental health concerns through enlightening lectures and the captivating world of the creative arts.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as the tour unfolds, featuring a mesmerising poetry recitation session and an awe-inspiring exhibition showcasing artworks crafted by individuals undergoing rehabilitation and treatment for mental health conditions.

Armpunk Sindicate’s lineup is a powerhouse in itself, featuring Zed on vocals, Elby on drums, Miely on guitar and the maestro Akmal Hakim, also known as HK, on four-string duties. But this tour is not just about music — it is about stories of triumph and resilience.

Armpunk Sindicate performing during the tour’s press conference.

Speaking at the tour’s press conference at BE.KL Cheras, HK, the bassist shared his personal journey of overcoming mental challenges faced during his studies in the US a few years ago.

The passion in his voice echoed through the room as he emphasised — “Despite Armpunk Sindicate presenting music in the punk rock genre, our songs carry positive messages and advocate for better access to treatment and rehabilitation for mental patients.”

The excitement does not stop there. The tour is all set to kick off on Jan 20 at Insider Satellite Ipoh, unleashing an explosive energy that will then move through Johore on Feb 10, Penang on Feb 17 and culminate in an unforgettable crescendo in Kuala Lumpur on March 2.

Why these cities? Elby, the mastermind behind the drums, spilled the beans, saying “We picked these four cities for the first part of our tour. The second phase will be after Ramadan. So, my thought is, let’s start where we’ve played before — places we’re familiar with, where some folks already know us. Hopefully, in the second leg, we’ll venture into cities we’ve never been to before.”

Hold on to your seats because this is not just about Armpunk Sindicate — it is about a musical revolution. The tour will not only feature the headlining act but will also spotlight the talent of local bands from each area, turning each performance into an unforgettable spectacle.

Collaborating with Radio Rakita, the tour has secured unwavering support from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, various health organisations such as Impact Malaysia and a lineup of NGOs.

And here is the kicker — proceeds from ticket sales will be channeled into NGOs involved in the treatment and counseling of the mentally ill, making this tour a rallying cry for positive change.

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