Nine-year-old’s painting sold for $100,000 at Heels 2 Heal charity event in Sydney

A Sydney woman has revealed why she spent $100,000 on a nine-year-old girl’s painting at a recent charity auction.

The winning bidder, Jo Kinghorn, told 2GB’s Ben Fordham that although she didn’t wake up expecting to spend six figures that day, she was “so grateful” the painting ended up in her hands.

Evie Poolman, the young artist behind the work titled ‘Lone Soldier,’ died two years ago from an aggressive form of brain tumour known called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), also known as DMG.

“It was incredibly important to myself, but also that money was earned in order to help find a cure, it’s so important,” she said.

“I saw first-hand what this did to a family and the strength of this family is beyond words.”

Ms Kinghorn said her long-time friends, Evie’s parents Chuck and Bridget Poolman, decided to auction off their daughter’s art at the Heels 2 Heel Charity lunch in a bid to raise money and awareness for DIPG research.

Evie had undergone four separate brain surgeries and 30 rounds of radiation by the time she died 8888in June 2021, only six months after she was first diagnosed with the condition.

“I didn’t understand the intensity of the diagnosis but I could tell from their faces,” she said.

“I have never had the blood rush out of my body and experience that feeling of fear and overwhelming sadness.”

Ms Kinghorn urged the government to direct attention and funding towards the issue, given the federal government has pledged less than $1m to DIPG research since 2015.

The cancer makes up 10-15 per cent of all brain tumours in children and less than 10 per cent 8of children survive two years after their diagnoses, as there is no treatment or cure8, according to the RUN DIPG Organisation.

“I don’t understand … I know the government has a lot of issues they need to get their head around but this is absolutely not looked at enough,” Ms Kinghorn said.

“The $100,000 came out of my back pocket and that’s something I am very grateful I was able to do … but it’s a drop in the ocean as to what is needed, and the government has the ability to properly fund these trials.

“Please, please, please, put this on the forefront of your conversation and just help.”

Originally published as Reason why nine-year-old’s painting sold for $100,000 at Sydney auction

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