Google Makes First Small Yet Massive Change to Gemini on Android

When Google pushed out Gemini to Android last week as a potential future replacement for Google Assistant, we all jumped onto it to see if it could be worth switching to. While Google was upfront about the fact that it lacked many Assistant features, there was something else that immediately turned me (and so many of you) off.

Using Gemini when it first launched meant swiping from the corner of your phone to activate it (or opening the Gemini app) so that you could then speak your command. But doing this method, rather than shouting the still-0bnoxious “Hey Google!” command, meant that Gemini wouldn’t automatically send your request as you completed talking. Instead, you had to physically tap on Gemini’s send button each and every time.

This may seem like the tiniest of issues to complain about, but Google clearly heard those complaints and magically changed it over the weekend behind-the-scenes. You can now swipe from the corner of your phone or open the Gemini app and tap the voice icon to complete tasks without having to hit the send button. It’s such a small yet massive quality of life improvement for Gemini.

Of course, you still can’t use continued conversation and fire off multiple requests in a row, but that should show up eventually. For now, at least know that you no longer have to press that damn send button.

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