Chinese New Year 2024: 4 energies that will be strong this year based on Feng Shui

What are the major energy themes for 2024?

According to Feng Shui expert and Geomancer Patrick Lim Fernandez, four energies are strong during this Year of the Wooden Dragon.

In Chinese culture, the Wooden Dragon represents vitality and creativity as well as success, intelligence, and honor. 2024 being the year of the Wooden Dragon, Feng Shui tells us that the four energies below will be prevalent for the year ahead.

2024 is a year to showcase your talents and strengths, said the Feng Shui expert.

“We’re all good at something,” he said. “Find your area of influence, whether you’re good at journalism, in business, government, education, all of these things, try to find what you’re good at, and do it.”

The second theme for this year is benevolence.

“Being good, being kind, and being generous,” he said.

“Be so generous with your talents, with your strengths, and try to help the world in your own way,” he added.

Another energy that will be strong this year is finding it hard to compromise.

“And with everything happening in the world, we need to find common ground,” Fernandez said.

Lastly, the Year of the Wooden Dragon is all about growth.

“Growth in the sense that you want to make your life, your business, your career, anything around you and your family grow,” he said.

“And from the context of what’s happened in the world in the past years, there was a very slow, stagnant growth because of the pandemic. And now this is really a transformation; we can see growth involved,” he added.

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—MGP, GMA Integrated News

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