Dem Rep Says Congress Can’t Say It’s ‘Only’ Concerned About Christian Persecution – Twitchy

This editor worked a bit on Christmas day and saw photos of Christian churches that had been attacked while parishioners were at worship. We’ve heard about trans genocide and genocide in Gaza, but we haven’t heard much about the genocide of Christians in Nigeria. We must have missed the marches.

Well, that’s something. The United States tried to do something similar, but much as Congress couldn’t denounce Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism without also including language about Islamophobia, Rep. Gerry Connolly says we can’t pass a resolution just because Christians are being slaughtered. What about the LGBTQ community?


“Congress can’t simply say we’re only concerned about Christian persecution.”

But you can. You just won’t.

We didn’t even have him in our Top 10, but he seems to be jockeying for a spot. 


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