Alif Satar and The Locos to perform at Zepp KL

LOCAL sensation band Alif Satar and The Locos is gearing up to perform at a show to usher in the year 2024 with electrifying performances dedicated to their loyal fans.

The band is slated to captivate the audience on Jan 7, 2024, at Zepp Kuala Lumpur, ensuring a thrilling and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Adding to the excitement, the event will feature the acclaimed Indonesian singer, Anggi, whose popularity has soared with her hit song Tak Segampang Itu, drawing attention from an ever-expanding audience.

Presented by Mutiara Optimum and co-organised by MND Sport and Event, the show, titled “A Night With Alif Satar and The Locos,“ distinguishes itself with the inclusion of Anggi, creating a unique fusion of Alif’s musical prowess and Anggi’s soloist excellence.

Both artists, boasting impressive achievements individually, will collaborate to deliver a performance that promises to be both collaborative and unforgettable.

This event stands as a testament to the diverse talents and accomplishments of both the band and the soloist, ensuring an evening of extraordinary entertainment.

Harith Daniel from MND Sport and Event explained the concept behind the collaboration, stating, “One might wonder how the collaboration between Alif Satar and The Locos and Anggi will unfold.”

“Alif, accompanied by his band and Anggi will showcase their vocal talents, exploring diverse genres while remaining harmoniously united on one stage.

“The uniqueness of the show lies in recognising the distinct strengths of the band and Anggi’s artistic ways.

“Beyond a musical collaboration, we aim to foster not only camaraderie but also to fortify professional relationships within the music industry. This collaboration is envisioned not only to strengthen bonds but also to unite the tastes of fans across the archipelago,“ he added.

For Alif, agreeing to the organisers’ proposal is an expression of appreciation for the industry and the fans who have consistently supported his singing career.

“This performance is not just about Alif Satar and The Locos, but I see it in a bigger context when combined with Anggi.

“This is about the friendship between two related countries, about music being a bridge for artists to exchange ideas and grow,“ he added.

The Jangan Nakal singer openly expresses his genuine excitement about meeting fans and providing entertainment, especially after an extended period without live performances.

He acknowledges the anticipation and eagerness of the audience, who have patiently awaited his return to the stage.

Anggi, the third-place winner of Indonesian Idol season 11, views the opportunity to share the stage with the local band and perform in Malaysia as an excellent platform to broaden her career.

Tickets for the event are currently on sale and can be purchased by visiting at

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