The Babylon Bee Mocks Biden’s Mitterrand Gaffe As Only They Can – Twitchy

Oh, never change, Babylon Bee.

They’re an endless source of entertainment.

And now they’re mocking Biden (low-hanging fruit, we know) after he said he recently met with French president Francois Mitterrand (spoiler alert: Mitterrand died in 1996).

We are laughing out loud.

They write:

Members of the media were stunned and impressed yesterday after President Joe Biden touted the productive climate change meeting he had this past week with French leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

Biden made the surprising revelation to emphasize how seriously he takes the climate crisis and the great lengths to which he will go to rally other world leaders to the cause, explaining he spent several hours discussing the issue with Bonaparte in the Oval Office.

“Listen up, folks,” the president said. “Climate change is an imminent threat. I just met with… I met… I sat down with the… I met with Napoleon… on the… I talked to Napoleon there. He agreed that it’s a serious problem. We agree that it’s in the best interests of both our countries to address climate change head-on. He was there with Josephine. She’s a nice broad. She smelled like ice cream.”

Seriously. Tears of laughter. Especially at the Josephine line.


Yeah, he was. An absolutely brilliant political and military leader.

Oh, ouch.

‘Historical flair’. Hahahahaha.

This is brilliant.

Honestly, Twitter/X users are the best.

They never disappoint.

This would have also been funny.

Napoleon is funnier.


Honestly, SNL could’ve made this into an amazing skit.

But they won’t. Because Democrats.

Another excellent reference.

It really was. But when everything is so patently absurd, mockery is the only recourse.


The best satire is a hair’s breadth away from reality.

Yeah, when the reality of Biden’s declining mental state hits you, it’s scary.

So let’s laugh instead.

Chuckle, guffaw, giggle snort. All of it.


We are so grateful for them. They do may us smile in the midst of this insanity.


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