Justin Bieber Just Wore His Best Date Night Outfit Yet

And every so often, they both just nail it, as was the case when they stepped out for a date night in Los Angeles this week. They began the evening with a service at Churchome—a Beverly Hills megachurch led by Justin’s longtime friend and former Hillsong pastor Judah Smith—and then dinner at upscale Italian spot Funke (where, coincidentally, actor Austin Butler also recently wore a great leather jacket). Now, if you’re imagining a church-dinner date might call for conservative attire, you are clearly unfamiliar with how things go down at celebrity megachurches—or with the Biebers in general. Out-there (and even sexy) fashion is welcome in Churchome’s pews, and the couple dressed accordingly.

For the occasion, Justin wore brown-and-teal argyle trousers, tasseled Santoni loafers, a backwards baseball cap, and a boxy black lambskin Saint Laurent jacket worn open over an unbuttoned cream shirt. That allowed Justin to showcase his chest full of tattoos and, fittingly, the gift Hailey recently gave him for their fifth wedding anniversary: a pair of diamond-encrusted mushroom pendant necklaces by the New York jeweler Alex Moss. (Per Moss, there are five bejeweled spots on each ’shroom caps, for each of their five years of marriage.)

For her part, Hailey also wore her own iced-out Alex Moss piece—a bubble-letter “B” necklace for “Bieber,” of course—plus a pair of baggy Dickies overalls over a simple white tee, black heels, a floor-length black coat, with slim Saint Laurent shades and a structured Saint Laurent Manhattan bag. (For those keeping track, all the Saint Laurent representation makes sense—Hailey is an ambassador for the brand.)

Another great leather jacket moment from the Biebers, when Justin rocked the same Saint Laurent jacket back in May.

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Together, they comprised a perfectly Bieberian his-and-hers ensemble—a couples-style duet, if you will. Individually, they each looked crazy-sexy-cool in their own distinct, fancy-disheveled sort of way: Justin as the swaggy rake, Hailey as the gorgeous tomboy.

And while their dark shades couldn’t fully block out the paparazzi’s blinding flashbulbs, the Biebers seemed to be having fun. In a clip circulating X today, Justin can be heard saying to Hailey, “I can’t even see shit ’cause of these fucking guys,” which makes Hailey laugh. Don’t you just love love?

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