The MAGA Movement Was Dealt A Huge Blow, This Week In Several Elections In Red States. Republican Voters Broke With Trump And MAGA In Ohio On Abortion Rights, With Virginia’s Governor Glen Younkin’s Right-Wing Agenda, And Supported The Re-Election Of Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Andy Bershears. Excessive Media Coverage Of Trump Is Keeping His Ratings Higher Than They Would Otherwise Be. Red States Are Realizing He Is Not Worth Losing Their Freedoms Over.

Red Ohio rejects the ultra-conservative (pretending to be moderate) Governor Glen Younkin’s MAGA agenda. Abortion rights became enshrined in Ohio’s Constitution and the democrats gained full control of the state’s legislature. Younkin’s power is now neutered as Ohio said NO to MAGA’s attempt to limit individual rights. Protecting individual freedom is equally important to Republican and Democratic voters. The same voters in red states who voted to protect woman’s reproductive freedoms will also vote against any legislation that places a limit on the Second Amendment. However corrupted Republican politicians are inconsistent and hypocritical about protecting individual freedoms. One wing of the party is controlled by special interest donors. Another wing of the party is controlled by extremist religious beliefs. Lastly, there is a wing that is addicted to Trump and have bought into his, victim, scare- tactic agenda which demonizes Democrats, Independents, and anyone who opposes him.
He really is the dumbest man ever to serve as President of the United States. He is bragging about getting rid of Roe v Wade which 61% of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court decision. The media and Trump have elevated his base to a status beyond what they deserve. They are a minority voter block full white nationalists, evangelicals, and conspiracy theorists. Racism and gullibility has caused an attraction and addiction to the insecure, bully, reality TV star who the entire world cannot believe was ever elected to be President of the United States. Additionally, what reveals his stupidity is he touts the importance of protecting certain individual rights such as 2nd Amendment rights on gun ownership and free First Amendment free speech protections and yet supports violating the protected right to privacy in the 14th Amendment ( body autonomy) and wants to criminalize an individuals right to peacefully protest that are protected rights in the Constitution. Except to his die-hard fans and complicit allies, most people listen to his babbling riffs and roll their eyes in disbelief, embarrassment and concern.
This is how he has always viewed Republican voters. He was a Democrat with liberal social views. In private, his inner circle says he still holds the same view of his loyal voters. He laughs at evangelical beliefs and is not the gun enthusiast he pretends to be.
In a diverse America, you cannot win the presidency if the majority of women, members of the LGBTQ community, millennials and Gen Z voters, and Independents oppose you.

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