Sorairo Utility Original Golf-Themed Anime Special Gets TV Series – News

Yostar Pictures and Pony Canyon announced on Thursday that Yostar Pictures‘ original golf-themed anime special Sorairo Utility will get a television anime series.

Image courtesy of Pony Canyon

Kengo Saitō is returning to direct the anime at Yostar Pictures and is also designing the characters.

The returning cast includes:

Miyu Takagi as Minami Aoba

Image courtesy of Pony Canyon

Yurina Amami as Haruka Akane

Image courtesy of Pony Canyon

Ayasa Goto as Ayaka Hoshimi

Image courtesy of Pony Canyon

Pony Canyon describes the series:

“At this rate, I’ll just graduate as a plain background character A!”

Minami Aoba was troubled.
She had no particular strengths or things she wanted to do.
Is it okay for her high school life to end as such an ordinary supporting character!?

Leaving school behind, Minami searches for her own “special uniqueness.”
She stumbles upon the nearby golf practice range by chance.
Approached by part-time worker Haruka Akane, Minami grasps the golf club—the “utility.”

And thus, it was the encounter between Minami and golf.

Winning is not the only thing in golf!
Everything related to golf is enjoyable!

Together with the genius golfer Haruka and Ayaka Hoshimi, who aspires to be an
influencer, they seek the moment when they can become the “protagonist”!
As a super beginner, Minami swings her club once again today.

The original anime special aired in December 2021. Crunchyroll streamed the anime.

Source: Press release

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