Nikki Haley Just Lost The Very Online Vote – Twitchy

Today, Presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced that she doesn’t really want to be president.

“Every person on social media should be verified by their name.”

Whelp, there goes the Twitter (X) vote.

There’s a lot of good intentions is what Gov. Haley is proposing, especially the part of seeing the algorithms. But there’s some problems with this in practice.

Right off the bat, there’s like this whole First Amendment thingee.

Think about the policy you’re endorsing in the hands of your political opponents. If one is a Republican, that’s pretty easy. We’ve been treated to and endless caravan of so-called “misinformation” experts. Whether Brian “Second Helpings, Please” Stelter, Nina “The Singing Fascist” Jankowitz or the countless buffoons in between, misinformation is wielded as a weapon.


Do we really want a country like Britain where the FBI or police come to your door because your Tweet was deemed hateful? Look, we all hate @John392005 dropping his dreck into our timeline. He might be a bot, an operative or even a disturbed kid lashing out, but our little JohnnyBunchanumbers is the price we pay to speak anonymously.

Anyway, let’s get to the fun stuff – the glorious mockery and snark.

Say what you will about Glenn Greenwald, but you must admire his principled consistency.

(eyeroll.gif) Does someone have a Frog of Shame for this guy?



Does he know he’s not actually a fuzzy chimp?

We told you this would be funny. We heard George Orwell loved a good “dad” joke.

We kinda feel the same way. It’s a real shame to be honest.

Heh! Might as well end on a chuckle.


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