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Helping Bison Find Their Way Home The Revelator

Utah Teen Sent to Juvenile Court for Duct Taping Dead Fish to ATMs Field and Stream

The US Debt Is Now $34 Trillion. Don’t Worry. Seriously. Claudia Sahm, Bloomberg

Cracks Begin to Show at Davos Simplicius the Thinker(s)

Satellites Are Becoming the New Cellphone Towers IEEE Spectrum

Everything You’re Told About The Global Economy Is Wrong (interview) Philip Pilkington, YouTube. Grab a cup of coffee. Or two cups. Starting with the Houthis and moving on from there:


Cash, Cars, Chemicals (and Corn) Phenomenal World

Grilling the Globe JSTOR Daily

Increased temperature difference between day and night can affect all life on earth (press release) NewsWise

Viability of the lichen Xanthoria elegans and its symbionts after 18 months of space exposure and simulated Mars conditions on the ISS International Journal of Astrobiology. From the Abstract: “The biological samples were integrated in the EXPOSE-E facility and exposed for 1.5 years outside the [International Space Station (ISS)…. After their return to Earth the viability of the lichen samples was ascertained.” From 2014, still germane. Supporting this Tweet thread:


Remarks and Q&A by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the Future of U.S.-China Relations At the Council on Foreign Relations. This is actually worth a read. This nugget stood out for me: “[T]he spectrum of opinion on whither China’s economy among incredibly informed, like, right-thinking people is quite broad.” “So we don’t really know what anyone is after.”

* * *

With China’s economic plenum still unscheduled, observers worry politics remain in command South China Morning Post

China Asks Local Governments Not to Use Tech Funds to Pay Debt Asia Financial

China needs to learn lessons from 1990s Japan Gillian Tett, FT

* * *

Estimated excess deaths due to COVID-19 among the urban population of Mainland China, December 2022 to January 2023 Epidemiology. From the Abstract: “Using our baseline assumptions, this extrapolated to 917,000 (95% CI: 425,000–1.45 million) excess deaths among urban-dwellers in Mainland China, much higher than the 81,000 in-hospital deaths officially reported from December 9, 2022 to January 30, 2023. As in many jurisdictions, we estimate that the COVID-19 pandemic had a much wider impact on mortality than what was officially documented in Mainland China.”

In the ‘Asian Century,’ Indians and Chinese Flee WSJ


Houthis announce targeting US commercial ship with ‘direct hit’ Anadolou Agency

Op-Ed: Close Call In The Red Sea: Assessing The Recent Houthi Missile Incident Naval News

Concerns over Cape re-routes and West African piracy Seatrade Maritime

* * *

Israel-Hamas war live updates: U.S. readies weeks of retaliatory strikes against Iran-linked targets NBC

Are US, Iran already at war? The Hill

US says it will have ‘multi-tiered response’ to attacks in Jordan on American troops Anadolu Agency

* * *

Backs to the wall, Gazans fear Israeli assault on last refuge Reuters. Rafah. The rules-based international order in action:

* * *

Live blog: Jordan warns of regional ‘explosion’ over West Bank escalation TRT World

Biden sanctions Israeli settlers accused of attacking Palestinians and peace activists in West Bank AP

* * *

Leading Papers Skewed Gaza Debate Toward Israeli and Government Perspectives FAIR

NYU instructor suspended after denying Oct. 7 atrocities at SJP event Forward. Never mind:

European Disunion

IMF chief warns European governments may ‘regret’ backing protesting farmers France24

Russia-friendly party calls for government resignation through protest in Moldova’s capital FOX

How nuclear power saved Armenia Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukrainian Troops Say Military Supports Zaluzhny Totally, Kyiv Politicians Need to Back Off Kyiv Post

Ukraine – The Power Scuffle Continues Moon of Alabama

Zelensky’s shake-up of military command, meant as a refresh, risks backlash WaPo

The design of war has changed Valerii Zaluzhnyi, CNN

* * *

Ukrainian army with great difficulty reaches almost 900,000 soldiers InfoBrics. One (1) Zelensky Unit to go.

Women’s uniform is handed out in Ukraine’s Armed Forces for the first time – photo Ukrainska Pravda

* * *

US Diplomat Says Russia Should Expect ‘Surprises’ On Battlefield Agence France Presse. Nuland.

Upping the Ante on Western Weapons Could End the Stalemate in Ukraine RAND

No magic US weapon left for offensive Ukraine victory Responsible Statecraft

South of the Border

Brazil’s Lula still losing digital battle to Bolsonaro Agence France Presse

Secret US spying program targeted top Venezuelan officials, flouting international law AP

Large majority of illegal border crossings shift to Arizona and California, pivoting away from Texas FOX

Biden Administration

Why Biden’s LNG Pause Has Allies Worried Foreign Policy

Michael vs. Michelman on Legitimate Political Authority The New Digest:

Michael’s final chapter concerns political authority, political discretion, and a reflection on the proper goals of political life; which, following the Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition he takes to be the common good.

Michael rejects any cynical picture of political life that portrays it as a Schmittian contest for power – that is about rewarding friends and punishing enemies. He also rejects a framing of political life that places the good of the individual and the good of the political community in which she is born, raised, and embedded in antagonistic opposition. Rather, in Aristotelian-Thomistic fashion Michael argues both stand or fall together.

Both major parties within our political class would, I think, say “We are all Schmittians now.” That’s unfortunate, because Carl Schmitt was a Nazi legal theorist.

Spook Country

Former CIA employee sentenced to 40 years in prison for largest data breach in agency history, other charges The Hill

The Bezzle

Law’s Detrimental Reliance on Intermediaries (PDF) Carla Reyes, George Washington University Law Review

Digital Watch

Why Congress Keeps Failing to Protect Kids Online Tim Wu, The Atlantic

CEOs want to avoid a big, embarrassing AI hearing Politico

* * *

Why AI hallucinations can be a good thing FT. Cope.

Sleeper Agents: Training Deceptive LLMs That Persist Through Safety Training Evan Hubinger et al., arXiv

Google launches an AI-powered image generator and Google releases GenAI tools for music creation Tech Crunch. Commentary on LLM:

Nightshade, the free tool that ‘poisons’ AI models, is now available for artists to use VentureBeat. Let the arms race begin…


Over 100 Cruise Passengers Ill on Cunard Operated Ship Cruise Hive. Welcome aboard The Gastro of the Seas….

Why did NIH abruptly halt research on the harms of cell phone radiation? The Hill

Zeitgeist Watch

How a Mennonite farmer became a drug lord LA Times

we’ve found it folks: mcmansion heaven McMansion Hell (PI).

Shock of the old: nine monstrous mascots to suck out your soul Guardian (Furzy Mouse). I just ran across this mascot the other day. Michelin’s Bibendum gave Gibson’s Cayce Pollard panic attacks, but I bet she never saw King Cake Baby:

Commodity fetishism?

Class Warfare

Who are you calling a Luddite? – A review of Blood in the Machine Librarian Shipwreck

The Fish Are Dead, Long Live the Fish Fossils and Other Livng Things. It’s classification struggles all the way down.

Antidote du jour (via):

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