If Liz Cheney Ran As An Independent In the 2024 Election, Trump And MAGA Politics Would Lose. With Cheney’s Help, The Traditional GOP Could Rescue Itself From The Extremist MAGA Movement. Republicans Like Sen. Mitt Romney, Former Governor John Kasich, Rep. Adam Kinzinger And Former Members Of Trump’s Administration Would Welcome The Chance To Cause Trump And His Movement Die Out And Be Held Legally Accountable For Their Crimes.

Messages for Cheney to run as an independent for the presidency are flooding the cell phones of millions of American voters. There is a hunger felt by traditional Republicans to finally show the power of resistance to Trump and MAGA. Cheney could give Republicans who will never vote for Biden the opportunity to vote for a Republican who they believe represents patriotic, traditional conservative ideology. If Cheney runs, she would single-handedly cause Trump to lose. Cheney and the former members of Trump’s Administration can generate more power than Trump’s small fringe base. The base is a lot of noise and violence without substance. Niki Haley is a MAGA member pretending to be a moderate. Additionally, the admission that she would still vote for Trump makes her a corrupt opportunist. However, she is expoing Trump’s frailties and dangerous impulses. That’s the most patriotic action she is taking.
Who would have guessed it would be women, not men, who would lead the resistance to Trump’s corrupt assault on the Constitution. Women are watching and cringing at how easily Trump has emasculated male members of the military, law enforcement, Congress, militia men, bikers, lawyers and media professionals. Millennials and GEN Zer’s are laughing at how an aging, out of shape, unqualified, obviously insecure loudmouth became the symbol of masculinity, power, and bravery. He degrades members of the military who get captured or killed and calls them losers. He dodged the draft 5 times claiming ” bone spurs” as the reason he couldn’t serve his country. Instead, he hugged the flag in a photo op and embraces scary dictators to portray a tough guy image. He is the easiest man to set off into a whiny, victim rant or a disproportionate display of rage.

None of his ridiculous rantings or threats scared Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Liz Cheney Or Teresa Shook. Nancy shook her finger at him, ripped up his “State of The Union” speech while standing right behind him, and called for his Second Impeachment after he incited the Jan. 6th insurrection. Cheney joined the bipartisan Jan. 6th committee and led some of the investigations most effective witness questioning which revealed compelling evidence of Trump’s violations of the Constitution. Teresa Shook led her organization to the first anti-Trump Women’s March in 2017 drawing crowds of millions of men and women across the country and around the world.

It is going to get harder for Trump loyalists to believe he isn’t a liar, a Putin ally, a traitor to the Constitution, and business fraud, and a sexual assaulted. The court rulings that keep coming are telling the story of a man who has scammed millions of Americans out of money and brainwashed them to turn on their country. Whatever dangerous, illegal accusation he makes about others, are truths about himself. He calls Biden corrupt, yet he is facing four indictments, 91 charges, and has been found liable for sexual assault and business fraud. Judges from both parties, some appointed by Trump keep ruling against his baseless motions and appeals. Juries made up of a majority of men have ruled against him. He says he is trying to save America and to protect our Constitution, while judges are writing opinions that indicate he has acted in violation of the Constitution. The lying, gaslighting, and scamming has been exposed and the base isn’t ready or able to believe what the rule of law is saying about Trump: HE DUPED AND SCARED HIS BASE INTO CULT LIKE SUBMISSION, THE CHARGES AGAINST HIM ARE LEGITIMATE, (NOT WITCHHUNTS), AND HIS EMBRACING OF DICTATORS IS AN ADMISSION THAT HE WOULD GOVERN IN DEFIANCE OF THE RULE OF LAW.

IF Biden embraced Trump’s authoritarian definition of a President, he would have Trump arrested, revoked his follower’s right to vote, and suspend their gun rights for life. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BELIEVE THAT TRUMP’S VIEW OF AMERICA WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE GREAT.

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