ICC Men’s U19 World Cup 2024 Most Runs, Most Wickets And Most Dismissals

ICC Men's U19 World Cup 2024
ICC Men’s U19 World Cup 2024

ICC Men’s U19 World Cup 2024 Most Runs, Most Wickets, and Most Dismissals: Finalist teams Australia and India have dominated the top 10 list of batsmen and bowlers, while Pakistan captain Naam leads the list of wicketkeepers.

Australia’s two title-winning stars feature in the top 10 in terms of total runs at the ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024, while runners-up India have four players.

Australia’s opening batsman Harry Dixon (309) and captain Hugh Wiebgen (304) scored the third and fourth highest runs in the tournament.

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India captain Uday Saharan (397) scored 81 in the semi-final against South Africa to surpass teammate Musheer Khan (360), with Africa finishing as the leading run-scorer at the event.

Saharan and Musheer were two of the four Indian players to make the top 10, with compatriots Sachin Dhaas (303 runs) and Adarsh Singh (238) joining their teammates at the top of the batting list.

South Africa, Pakistan, Scotland and Bangladesh all had one player each in the top 10, with Luan-Dre Pretorius (287), Shahzeb Khan (264), Jamie Dunk (263) and Ariful Islam (230) finishing the tournament top-signed off the Batting chart.

ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024: Most Runs

  1. Uday Saharan from India scored 397 runs.
  2. Musheer Khan from India scored 360 runs.
  3. Harry Dixon from Australia scored 309 runs.
  4. Hugh Weibgen from Australia scored 304 runs.
  5. Sachin Dhas from India scored 303 runs.
  6. Lhuan-dre Pretorius from South Africa scored 287 runs.
  7. Shahzaib Khan from Pakistan scored 264 runs.
  8. Jamie Dunk from Scotland scored 263 runs.
  9. Adarsh Singh from India scored 238 runs.
  10. Ariful Islam from Bangladesh scored 230 runs.

While Kwena Maphaka of South Africa (with 21 wickets) was the tournament’s best wicket-taker, it was a similar tale near the top of the bowling charts, with three stars from India and two players from Australia among the top 11.

Australia’s fast bowling pair Callum Vidler (14) and Tom Straker (13) top the wicket-taking list, while India’s trio of Saumya Pandey (18), Naman Tiwary (12) and Raj Limbani (11) also feature in the top 11 Were included.

Pakistan fast bowler Ubaid Shah completed an excellent tournament with a total of 18 wickets, while England spinner Tazeem Ali finished with the best average (9.64) of any player in the tournament with 14 wickets in just four matches.

ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024 Most Wickets

  1. Kwena Maphaka from South Africa has taken 21 wickets.
  2. Saumy Pandey from India has taken 18 wickets.
  3. Ubaid Shah from Pakistan has taken 18 wickets.
  4. Tazeem Ali from England has taken 14 wickets.
  5. Callum Vidler from Australia has taken 14 wickets.
  6. Tom Straker from Australia has taken 13 wickets.
  7. Naman Tiwari from India has taken 12 wickets.
  8. Vishwa Lahiru from Sri Lanka has taken 11 wickets.
  9. Raj Limbani from India has taken 11 wickets.
  10. Nathan Edward from West Indies has taken 11 wickets.
  11. Riley Norton from South Africa has taken 11 wickets.

Only two wicketkeepers took 10 or more dismissals during the entire event, with Pakistan captain Saad Baig finishing with a tournament-best 15 dismissals (14 catches and one stumping) in six matches.

Ryan Hunter was the only other keeper to take 10 or more dismissals, with the Irish wicketkeeper taking eight catches and two stumpings in five matches.

ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024 Most dismissals (wicketkeeper)

  1. ​Saad Baig from Pakistan has made 15 dismissals (14 catches and one stumping).
  2. Ryan Hunter from Ireland has made 10 dismissals (eight catches and two stumpings).
  3. Ashiqur Rahman Shibli from Bangladesh has made 9 dismissals (eight catches and one stumping).
  4. Ryan Hicks from Australia has made 9 dismissals (eight catches and one stumping).
  5. Lhuan-dre Pretorius from South Africa has made 8 dismissals (eight catches).

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